Sunday, 24 March 2013

Full SaansBar Practice session Video created by Krishnaansh

Full Practice Session of SaansBar
Created by Krishnaansh

सांसबार अभ्यास विधि 
कृष्नांश द्वारा 

Ask any question and satisfy your thirst of knowing Vedik Technology or Bhaaratiye Sanskriti

Becoming a resident of Hindustan can only make one escape the natural problems no other choice
in Kaliyug.

Also Hindustan of Kalikaavtar Vyavastha as explained by Shukracharya Paddhti

अपनी  ज्ञान की भूख मिटाने हेतू कुछल विद्या दान केंद्र सूर्यकूट पर्वत ज्ञान स्रोत हिन्दुस्तान को सम्पर्क करें


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